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Midazolam 10mg x 1amp

  • Midazolam 10mg  x 1amp
40.00 Grams
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Product Description

Conscious patient requiring cardioversion
Conscious patient requiring pacing
For seizure IN via {MAD}
After intubation, if patient is resisting and SBP is normal for age.
As chemical restraint for combative patient

Cardioversion, Pacing: 2 mg slow IV
Seizures: 10 mg IN using {MAD} (5 mg in each nostril) or 2 mg slow IV or 
4 mg IM
If seizure persists: Repeat 5 mg IN or 2 mg slow IV or 4 mg IM.
Chemical restraint: 2 mg slow IV or 10 mg IN using {MAD} or 4 mg IM

Sedation: 0.15 mg/kg slow IV
Seizures: 0.15 mg/kg IN using {MAD}(Max dose 4 mg) or 0.15 mg/kg slow 
IV (Max dose 2 mg) or 0.15
mg/kg IM (Max dose 4 mg)
If still seizing: Repeat one-half of initial Midazolam doses except NO IM


♦ Chemical restraint: Call MCP for initial and repeat doses. 0.15 mg/kg IN 
(half dose in each nostril)
using {MAD} or 0.15 mg/kg slow IV (Max dose 2 mg), or 0.15 mg/kg IM 
(Max dose 4 mg)

Provides sedation

Hypersensitivity to benzadiazepines
Acute narrow glaucoma
Do not use in obstetrics, coma, shock or acute alcohol intoxication 
where vital signs are depressed.

Be prepared to monitor respirations and intubate and ventilate if 
Use with caution with lactating mothers.
Geriatric & debilitated patients require lower doses & are more prone 
to side effects.
Provide continuous monitoring of respiratory & cardiac function.
Can cause respiratory depression

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